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  • Teaching Doctors (and Researchers?) to be More Skeptical

    A study from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania reveals that psychiatrists who were exposed to conflict of interest (COI) policies during their residency are less likely than peers who lack similar training to prescribe brand-name antidepressants, which are heavily promoted to psychiatrists and tend to be more ex… Read More
  • Do-It-Yourself Outsourcing

    Why wait for your employer to outsource your job to a low-wage country and pocket the difference in wage levels when you can enhance your own income by doing it yourself?  With many research workers, engineers and tech workers worried about their jobs moving overseas, a “star programmer” at an American firm figured out a… Read More
  • Obama Directs Federal Agencies to Research Gun Violence

    As part of the sweeping program to curb gun violence that President Barack Obama announced on 16 January, he issued a Presidential memorandum calling on federal agencies, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, to study both the causes of gun injuries and ways to prevent them. With this action, he lifted the ban… Read More
  • Science Careers Seeks Good Writing

    Most of the articles Science Careers publishes are written by professional writers, but in addition we publish two types of articles that are usually contributed by readers: Perspectives and In Person. For these, we welcome your submissions. Perspectives are op-ed articles that offer lucid, well-informed analyses of issues relevant to careers in th… Read More
  • Marketing Yourself

    Last fall, I was interviewed by F. Kay Kidder, a writer for Lab Manager magazine, on the topic of marketing–specifically, whether and how scientists should market themselves using tools similar to those that people selling products and services have long deployed. Here’s the resulting article, which I just found yesterday. The assumptio… Read More
  • Scores of Researchers Demand an End to Federal Gun Research Ban

    More than 70 prominent researchers from epidemiology, neuroscience, psychology, economics, psychiatry, biostatistics, criminology, sociology, surgery, law, business, nursing, emergency medicine, forensic science, public policy, and other fields have joined forces to send a letter to Vice President Biden asking that his forthcoming recommendations t… Read More
  • New Regulation Targets Academic Fraud in China

    New penalties for academic fraud went into force across China on 1 January.  The Ministry of Education has announced its intention to crack down on students, faculty members, and other academics who commit plagiarism, fabricate research results, or engage in the widespread practices of purchasing or dealing in academic papers, dissertations, o… Read More
  • Survey Finds Researchers Dangerously Complacent About Lab Safety

    Academic researchers generally consider their labs safe, even though the great majority of labs routinely violate basic principles of safe practice and many fail to provide adequate training and emphasis on safety.  This dismaying–though not surprising–conclusion emerged in a preliminary analysis of data from an international surve… Read More
  • Landing a Job at a Teaching Institution

    Most people seeking their first faculty position have spent much of their recent time immersed in research. But, as Messiah College department chair and hiring committee veteran John Fea reminds job seekers at Inside Higher Ed, “the overwhelming majority of colleges and universities … stress teaching over research.” Thes… Read More