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  • Getting Clear on Scientist Unemployment Rates

    Florida’s Governor Rick Scott has proposed giving science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) majors a break on tuition at state universities on the theory that those fields provide great career opportunities and that more STEM  graduates will boost the economy.  But, “More STEM degrees may not equal more jobs,” re… Read More
  • NRA-Inspired, Congressionally Enacted, Funding Ban Stymies Gun Safety Research

    In the wake of the Connecticut elementary school massacre, scientists in a number of disciplines are probably wondering how they can put their expertise to work finding ways to prevent such horrors from happening again. But it appears they shouldn’t look to the federal government for help funding any firearm-injury-related research. That̵… Read More
  • Ruling on Whether Harran Will Stand Trial Postponed Until February

    Final testimony in the preliminary hearing in Los Angeles Superior Court to determine whether University of California-Los Angeles professor Patrick Harran will stand trial in the death of Sheri Sangji ended on 18 December.  The hearing started in November, but the final two days of testimony were postponed until 17 and 18 December because of… Read More
  • Academics As Free Agents

    In today’s tight job market, it’s common for people in a wide range of fields to earn their livelihoods as freelancers. Now, thanks to rapid expansion of online education, academics are being added to the mix, as “freelance professors,” reports Inside Higher Ed. Read More
  • American Chemical Society Report Proposes Bold Reforms in Graduate Education

    A new report from the American Chemical Society (ACS) recommends sweeping changes in graduate education to prepare chemists to face 21st century conditions. Entitled Advancing Graduate Education in the Chemical Sciences and issued 10 December, the “deep and thorough analysis of the state of graduate education” takes a bold look at the c… Read More
  • Happy Birthday Ada Lovelace

    Today, Google is marking the 197th birthday of a pioneering woman scientist–Augusta Ada King, Lady Lovelace–with a Google Doodle dedicated to her. In her own time Lovelace was a giant–and not only because she’s Lord Byron‘s child. Lovelace’s mother, Annabella Milbanke, herself a gifted student of mathematics, app… Read More
  • Give the Gift of Lab Safety

    Are you looking for the perfect present for those bench scientists on your list? Here’s an idea. Cafe Press, a purveyor of logo-trimmed giftware, offers online an extensive line of shirts, PJs, bags, packs, mugs, water bottles, mousepads, card holders, and more emblazoned with the motto “Got PPE? Your safety is nothing to experimen… Read More
  • NSF Graduate Fellows Get a Chance to Work Oversees

    Writing for ScienceInsider, our sister blog, Science Careers writer Michael Price describes a new program from the U.S. National Science Foundation: Yesterday, NSF officials unveiled the Graduate Research Opportunities Worldwide (GROW) program as part of a celebration of the 60th anniversary of its Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP). Launc… Read More