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  • Clarification Needed for Adjunct Healthcare Issues

    We recently reported on the lack of health insurance coverage for many of the nation’s adjunct faculty members (40% of America’s higher education teacher force.)  With the impending implementation of the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare), the issue is becoming more complicated, Inside Higher Ed reports. The new law requ… Read More
  • The Goldberg Variation

    Mixing science and religion can be problematic, but not for robotics and mechanical engineering students at the Technion, Israel’s technical university in Haifa.  Though the original Hanukkah story involves Greeks, not geeks, the Technion technologists devised a high-tech method of carrying out the holiday’s central ritual, lightin… Read More
  • What’s In a (Prize) Name?

    Prestigious science prizes play an important role in advancing and validating the careers of productive researchers. The names of those awards, however, often have complex relationships to the science that they honor. Alfred Nobel, for example, whose eponymous awards stand at the pinnacle of international renown, was a highly successful industriali… Read More
  • GQ Endorses Geek Chic

    Have you heard that “geek chic” is a hot trend these days?  That the guys (and gals) who rule technology and science also rule the fashion world?  Well now it’s official.  GQ, the arbiter of masculine style whose motto is “Look sharp. Live smart,” has chosen the Mars Rover team–those men and women… Read More
  • Simple, Great Advice for Those Seeking a Career in Science

    I’m not a consistent Twitterer, but I do maintain a Twitter feed as @SciCareerEditor.  Lately, I’ve been really busy and haven’t tweeted much, but when I checked in this morning I saw a tweet directed my way (by mentioning my twitter handle) from Sanford Buhrnam Medical Research Institute (@SanfordBurnham on Twitter), which h… Read More
  • Investigator Baudendistel Testifies in Second Day of Harran Hearing

    Brian Baudendistel, the California state investigator who wrote a damning report on the events leading to fire that fatally injured Sheri Sangji, testified on 19 November during the second day of the hearing to determine whether University of California-Los Angeles chemistry professor Patrick Harran will stand trial on felony charges arising from S… Read More
  • Hearing Underway to Determine Whether Harran Will Stand Trial in Sangji Death

    A hearing to determine whether UCLA professor Patrick Harran will stand trial on charges of felony violations of the California occupational safety law, in the events leading to the death of research assistant Sheri Sangji, began in Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday, 16 November.  Dr. Peter Grossman of the Grossman Burn Center in Sherman… Read More
  • Newly Passed Whistleblower Act Strengthens Protections for Federal Scientists

    Shortly after returning for the lame duck session, the Senate on 13 November unanimously passed the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act of 2012, which the House passed some months ago. Now awaiting the president’s signature, the legislation “offers an array of new protections for [federal] employees who reliably report waste, fraud… Read More
  • Student Effort Highlights Adjuncts’ Lack of Health Insurance

    For more than 40% of American college faculty members–those who have part-time adjunct positions–obtaining medical insurance and paying for medical care can present serious challenges.  One example is Don Haussler, a “popular math instructor at  Kansas City Kansas Community College” (KCKCC) who urgently needs a hip… Read More