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  • We’re back

    Washington, DC’s downtown electrical grid has had a rough few days, with two transformers blowing out in 36 hours on Friday and Saturday. As a result, our Web servers took a direct hit. It took more time than anticipated to get everything back running again, but we’re back and (we hope) better than ever. Many… Read More
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    Networking Tips for Job Hunters

    At the group blog Career Hub, Sital Ruparelia offers a list of 21 networking tips for job seekers. Networking seems simple and natural enough, but there’s a skill to it, and Ruparelia’s tips may help even experienced networkers. Networking is something that you need pursue systematically and professionally. While you need to be yourself… Read More
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    Wanted: Chemistry Postdocs to Learn Communication Skills

    Postdocs in chemistry who are interested in becoming better science communicators are invited to apply for a spot at the Chemistry Communication Leadership Institute, which will be held 15-19 September in Seattle. The workshop is sponsored by the American Chemical Society (ACS), the National Science Foundation, and the University of Washington. The… Read More
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    On Passion

    I’m at the World Conference of Science Journalists in London this week. There are 900 journalists from all over the world here — more than 70 countries, I heard. If you travel to science conferences, that’s probably not impressive. But journalists tend to travel in packs — by subject material (neuroscience, physics, geo… Read More
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    Job Postings on Twitter

    The blog Career Hub this week highlights a few new services posting job announcements using the mini-blogging service Twitter as a platform. TwitHire is a simple listing of job announcements in reverse chronological order, with links to the announcements online. It has separate tabs for design and computer programming jobs. The listings give the jo… Read More
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    Practicing What They Preach

    On 16 March C&E News ran Who’s Next?, an excellent article on getting laid off that included interviews with several recently laid-off scientists. Their conclusion: Times are tough. Josh Albert, managing partner of Klein Hersh International, an executive search firm, says that while the top laid-off pharma employees will get jobs quickly… Read More
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    Hiring for Engineers and Scientists in the Fortune 100

    On Sunday (19 April), Fortune magazine unveiled this year’s list of the 500 largest corporations in the United States. While most news headlines talked of Exxon-Mobil edging out Wal-Mart for the top spot, Fortune did identify which companies among the top 100 on the list are still hiring, including some enterprises looking for engineers and… Read More
  • Mathematical Anxiety

    Most first-year students are wary of mathematics and this hurts their career options, a recent study by the Spanish University of Granada suggests.   The study, which looked at 885 first-year students in the health sciences, experimental sciences, technical education, and social sciences at the University of Granada, found that 6 out of 10 stu… Read More
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    Keeping Skills Sharp During a Layoff

    If you get a layoff notice, something that’s happening more and more in this economy, you need to be prepared for an extended period away from the work you spent a big chunk of your time on. Unless you’re independently wealthy–and not many of us are– the first thing to worry about is seeing to… Read More
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    Clicks and Mix Networking Strategy

    Recent Science Careers articles have talked about using social networks like LinkedIn as part of an overall networking strategy — the ones by Dave Jensen and Peter Fiske, for example.  The goal of networking, of course, in person or online, is to build your collection of contacts and get your name and qualifications in front… Read More