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  • Beryl Lieff Benderly

    Talk about an “alternative” career!

    Young scientists are always being told that they should explore career opportunities beyond the academic bench.  Well, someone who seems to have taken that idea to the outer limits has just been named one of this year’s MacArthur Foundation “genius” awards for her work in that second career.  Novelist and short story wri… Read More
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    Seeking the Alternative

    This week, GenomeWeb’s The Daily Scan featured two blog posts on alternative careers: Februa at Almost a PhD wrote about her discouragement at an incredibly vague career seminar on alternative careers, and the Prodigal Academic followed up with a great post highlighting some specific alternative careers. Februa’s experience highlights j… Read More
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    On Passion

    I’m at the World Conference of Science Journalists in London this week. There are 900 journalists from all over the world here — more than 70 countries, I heard. If you travel to science conferences, that’s probably not impressive. But journalists tend to travel in packs — by subject material (neuroscience, physics, geo… Read More
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    Alternative Career: Genetic Counselor

    For life scientists with good people skills looking for an alternative to basic research, work as a genetic counselor may be to your liking. According to today’s Career Journal, an online supplement to the Wall Street Journal, genetic counselors are in demand and the pay isn’t too shabby. Genetic counselors work for hospitals, private p… Read More
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    Hiring Window Open for Foreign Service Officers

    The New York Times on Saturday described the U.S. State Department’s accelerated efforts to recruit more foreign service officers (FSOs), the people who staff American embassies and consulates overseas. While FSOs come from a wide range of disciplines, some scientists find these jobs rewarding, particularly when they can apply their earlier t… Read More
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    A Career Decision Influenced by Science Careers

    About a year and half ago, as I was getting ready to wrap up my PhD (Neurobiology), I sat down and asked myself, aside from taking up postdoctoral training- considered the default route, what would I like and be able to do for a career. Among the readily visible options was medicine, public health, business… Read More