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    A Special Message for Men: Do Your Share

    As noted in my previous post, our recent article on housework caught the attention of some feminist-scientist bloggers in a not-entirely-positive way. The result: a hundred or so comments on the blog of Dr. Isis, a few comments on that earlier post on the Science Careers blog, and brief mentions on a couple of other… Read More
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    Science Bloggers to Convene, In Person

    ScienceOnline09 holds its third annual blogging conference on Saturday and Sunday, 17-18 January 2009, in Research Triangle Park, NC. The event covers blogging in science–a subject obviously near and dear–but it also branches into issues that can help researchers communicate with colleagues and the general public. For bloggers, the conf… Read More
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    Women Scientists and Engineers Sound Off about Their Careers

    The blog Scientiae, maintained by a group blog of women in the STEM professions, devoted its May monthly carnival — a collection of contributions from each blogger — to sharing experiences on the development of their careers. The comments, collected by blogger FlickaMawa, cover issues such as pressure to publish, balancing family and wo… Read More