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    Canadian University Enlists Businesses for Cancer Research Funding

    Canada’s Université de Montréal is recruiting businesses to supplement traditional government grants for cancer research on its campus. The university’s Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer (IRIC) models this program on a similar partnership that funded Canadian athletes for the 2010 Winter Olympics. The new program, called… Read More
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    Research Funds Head South In Canada

    Our colleagues at ScienceInsider report Wednesday that Canada’s prime minister Stephen Harper is taking a different tack from U.S. president Barack Obama in funding for science in that country’s economic recovery package. In Harper’s new budget, released Tuesday, funds for the three councils that support research in science, engin… Read More
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    Toronto Bank Funds Biomedical Fellowships (Yes, a bank.)

    Leading companies in industries such as pharmaceuticals and integrated circuits have long funded research fellowships in science, but now a bank has done the same thing. In late November, Toronto-Dominion (TD) Bank donated $1 million to research institutes at Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital to fund biomedical research. One of the TD grants wil… Read More