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    Biologist behind “Mompetition” videos

    There’s a new word going around to describe the rivalry that mothers feel toward one another: “mompetition.” It’s elucidated in a hilarious new series of viral cartoons, in which an uptight mom and a laid-back mom try to one-up each other on the playground. If the charged dialogues bear a resemblance — in tone, if… Read More
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    2010 Dance Your Ph.D. Competition

    Time to put your dancing shoes on: The Dance Your Ph.D. Contest is up again! Launched in 2008 by Science‘s Gonzo Scientist, the Dance Your Ph.D. Competition invites scientists from all walks of life to put their Ph.D. research topic into dance form. Videos will be judged by an interdisciplinary panel on scientific and artistic merit… Read More
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    Getting to the Top of a Big Pile: How to Succeed at Grant-Writing

    One of the sessions organized by Science Careers this week at the EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF) in Turin, Italy aimed to give young scientists a leg up in the increasingly competitive race for funds. The workshop offered advice from three different perspectives — a national research council, an international funding organization, and a w… Read More
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    Faculty burnout, and collaboration versus competition

    Tenure-track faculty are more at risk of suffering burnout from their teaching duties than their tenured and non-tenure track counterparts, according to a study presented yesterday at the American Association of University Professors annual conference in Washington. Articles on the study appear in today’s Inside Higher Ed and yesterday&# Read More