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  • Michael Price ,

    New Federal Big Data Initiative to Drive Computational Training

    The Obama administration, in partnership with several federal agencies including the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Science Foundation (NSF), today announced the creation of the Big Data Research and Development Initiative to improve the government’s, academia’s, and private industry’s ability to collect and… Read More
  • Academic Careers , ,

    More Doctorates Awarded in 2009 — to Women

    The latest (2009) National Science Foundation Survey of Earned Doctorates found significant gains in the number of doctorates earned in the United States. Doctorates awarded grew 1.6% overall, and 1.9% in science and engineering (S&E) fields, over 2008. In S&E fields, the increase is entirely accounted for by a 4.8% increase in the number o… Read More