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    Starting a Business When Employed

    Careers blogger and Wall Street Journal contributor Alexandra Levitt this week poses a question faced by a few budding entrepreneurs: Should I start a new business while working at my current job? For some academic scientists, starting a business is often a question of “when”, not “if”. Many university campuses have technolo… Read More
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    Entrepreneurial Scientists Help Drive Economic Development and Innovation

    A couple of weeks ago, the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and author Thomas Friedman published an optimistic column in the New York Times about the start-up company EndoStim, which has developed a medical device to treat acid reflux. The company started out as one doctor’s idea – an extension of his clinical practice – and… Read More
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    More Advice on Jumping from Campus to Business

    A Science Careers story on scientists getting The Entrepreneurial Bug two weeks ago tells about three academic researchers who started their own businesses, and includes advice to academics thinking about making the same career move. Today’s Wall Street Journal provides a few more pointers for budding businesspeople from the academic world. B… Read More
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    An Entrepreneurial Summer Experience

    Summer internships offer excellent opportunities for students to get hands-on experience and (sometimes) a little money in a real working environment. But Highland Capital Partners is offering something more: a summer internship that can kick-start your new business. Highland Capital Partners (HCP) is a venture capital company based in Massachusett… Read More
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    Industry Opportunities Growing in Solar Technologies

    Today’s New York Times reports on solar-power companies in California that have experienced recent increases in sales and payrolls. While many of the enterprises featured in the article are manufacturers and installers of solar panels, the article also tells how California academics and entrepreneurs are partnering to develop more efficient o… Read More
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    A New Model for Philanthropy

    The 1 June issue of Forbes magazine reports on "The New Activist Givers," who, according to the article, are changing the way private foundations interact with their funding recipients (hat-tip: Philanthropy News Digest). This new breed of donor, many of whom made their money in the Internet boom of the 1990s, gets involved with funding… Read More