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    Gender and ERC Grants

    Yesterday, the European Research Council (ERC) Scientific Council announced a plan to redress the gender balance among ERC grantees.  Since it started giving out funding in 2007, the ERC has allocated about a fifth of its grants to women. Altogether, women represent about 26% of the early-career researchers who obtained a Starting Gr… Read More
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    New ERC Starting Grant Awardees

    The European Research Council (ERC) announced the results of its third Starting Grants competition this week. Altogether, 427 early-career researchers won a total of about €580 million that they will use to establish independent labs in Europe. Launched in 2007, the Starting Grants offer researchers of any nationality and age, and… Read More
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    Video on ERC Grantees

    The science video channel AthenaWeb features a nice documentary on several young researchers who have won Starting Grants from the European Research Council. The video, entitled ‘Bringing Great Ideas To Life: The European Research Council (ERC)‘ was supported with ERC funding. Science is “an attitude,” Fotis C. Kafatos… Read More