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    Mexican Researchers Cancel Arizona Exchange Program

    According to the Arizona Republic, two universities in Mexico canceled their academic exchange programs with University of Arizona (UA) as a result of a new Arizona law that allows police to question individuals they feel might be in the U.S. illegally.  Among the canceled exchanges is a program for scientific researchers from the National Aut… Read More
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    Cuba: The Next Exchange Opportunity for American Scientists?

    Those of you who were too young to experience the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 may soon  witness the metaphorical crumbling of another diplomatic wall: the U.S. embargo on Cuba. This time science may be at the leading edge. As Elisabeth Pain and Kate Travis described last week in Science Careers, the fall… Read More
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    Bill Introduced to Create Science Envoy Corps [Updated]

    Senator Richard Lugar of Indiana, the ranking minority member on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, introduced a bill yesterday that would create a Science Envoy program in the U.S. State Department. If the bill comes law, Science Envoys would be established scientists who receive grants for short-term visits abroad to help build links between… Read More
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    Funding for Study in Asia

    The Freeman-Asia program, a joint undertaking of the Freeman Foundation and the Institute of International Education (IIE), offers grants to undergraduates for study in Asia.  The awards range from $3,000 for a summer program to $7,000 for an academic year, and have no discipline restrictions. The Freeman-Asia program has supported more than 3… Read More