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    Faculty burnout, and collaboration versus competition

    Tenure-track faculty are more at risk of suffering burnout from their teaching duties than their tenured and non-tenure track counterparts, according to a study presented yesterday at the American Association of University Professors annual conference in Washington. Articles on the study appear in today’s Inside Higher Ed and yesterday&# Read More
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    Faculty Salaries Flat as Institutions Tighten Belts

    The American Association of University Professors (AAUP) today released its annual faculty compensation report for 2009-10, and it had little good news for American academics or those hoping to join their ranks. AAUP’s findings show the recession is cutting deep into campus finances at both public or private institutions, from community colle… Read More
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    Retired Profs to Plug Teaching Vacancies from Budget Cuts?

    The Raleigh News and Observer (N&O) today has a story about retired professors in North Carolina’s “Triangle”–Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill–offering their services to the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill as a way for the school to make up for budget cuts that threatened to eliminate classes on that campus. The… Read More
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    Tough Economy Hitting Academic Hiring and Financial Aid

    If you think the academic world might escape today’s tough economy, think again. Saturday’s New York Times reports on many institutions, private and public alike, cutting faculty jobs, freezing new hires, reducing financial aid, and in some cases raising tuition. The economic downturn–what former Labor Secretary Robert Reich now c… Read More
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    Two Cheers for Tenure

    Cary Nelson, president of American Association of University Professors defends the tenure system in the September-October issue of Academe, the organization’s magazine. Nelson’s essay describes the advantages of tenured faculty over part-time, adjunct, or contingent faculty, arguing persuasively that campuses benefit from the community… Read More
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    Massachusetts Faculty Unions File Unfair Labor Complaint

    The Boston Globe reports today that 11 unions representing faculty and staff at state colleges and universities in Massachusetts filed an unfair labor practices complaint against the state’s board of higher education and the University of Massachusetts (UMass) board of trustees. The complaint accuses the boards of bargaining in bad faith by n… Read More
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    George Washington University and Union Reach Agreement on Part-Time Faculty

    The George Washington University (GWU) in Washington, DC, and union representing part-time faculty at the institution have agreed on a contract that union members ratified last Friday. The agreement is GWU’s first contract with its part-time faculty. Anne McLeer, the director of research and strategic planning for local 500 of the Service Emp… Read More
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    Tips for Surviving Your First Tenure

    For researchers, a tenured academic job is often the ultimate career goal.  In the 16 August Inside Higher Ed, Shari Dinkins, who joined the faculty this year at Illinois Central College, offers advice to newly-tenured faculty that combines elements of several recent Science Careers articles: "Be Careful What You Wish For", "Emp… Read More