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    Winning, and Losing, Lawsuits for Sex Discrimination

    Another article published in the Chronicle of Higher Education today and written by Mary Ann Mason, co-director of the Berkeley Law Center on Health, Economic & Family Security, looks at how over the years women have won, and lost, lawsuits for tenure denial based on sex discrimination.   The laws are there: “Titl… Read More
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    When to Talk (or Not) About Family

    Case No. 1: You’re an assistant professor, married with young children, at a small liberal-arts college… It’s been a long year, and you’re looking forward to… that long-neglected family vacation. Then your chair… announces that a senior colleague has unexpectedly retired: Can you cover her classes over the summer… Read More
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    Women Scientists and Engineers Sound Off about Their Careers

    The blog Scientiae, maintained by a group blog of women in the STEM professions, devoted its May monthly carnival — a collection of contributions from each blogger — to sharing experiences on the development of their careers. The comments, collected by blogger FlickaMawa, cover issues such as pressure to publish, balancing family and wo… Read More