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    More Fun with Fungi

    A note from a reader: Editor: It was great to see fungi out in science careers as a career option!  Having working with fungi since an undergraduate I am often surprised at how little focus they get given the diversity of jobs related to mycology (from brewing, baking, pharmaceuticals, chemical industry, agriculture, forestry, academia, growin… Read More
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    Comments on Micella Phoenix DeWhyse’s “Tainted Love”

    Our favorite Educated Woman, Micella Phoenix DeWhyse, in her last column on 3 August, talked about her need for external rewards, what she calls "gold stars", from advisers or supervisors. Here are two responses to Micella’s column that we got via our Facebook page, hosted by José Fernández … Valita Jones: I am all about… Read More
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    The Buzz About Charisma

    Dave Jensen’s most recent Science Careers Tooling Up column about charisma as a job-seeking tool (20 July) generated an online discussion on Facebook last week, with reactions ranging from quick to extended. Our colleague José Fernández, who hosts the Science Careers profile on Facebook, says he started receiving comments about the article… Read More
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    Scientists from Overseas – Open Thread

    Since April, Beryl Benderly has written three articles for Science Careers on the experience and impact of early-career foreign researchers that have attracted a steady stream of responses: Huddled Masses, 13 April 2007A Tunnel to Atlanta, 4 May 2007Who Speaks for Early-Career Scientists?, 1 June 2007 How do you feel about the influx of researchers… Read More
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    A Reader Responds to “Behavioral Science Careers”

    Dear Editors of Science, I was pleasantly surprised to see behavioral sciences highlighted in the recent issue of Science (Volume 316, Issue 5827, 18 May 2007). The section on the diversity of occupations pursued by behavioral scientists was especially compelling. The readers of Science might be interested in a field in which tens of thousands… Read More