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    We Miss You Bell Labs

    Last week, on the Science Careers forum, the discussion turned briefly to jobs for physicists in industry. As a physicist who once sought employment in industry, I took an interest. The conclusion: These days, too little basic research is done in industry. There are too few physics jobs in industry. Also last week, Business Week… Read More
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    Harvard Quant Claims Dismissal Caused by Blowing Whistle on Derivatives

    A mathematics whiz serving with Harvard’s financial management arm claims she was dismissed back in 2002, for trying to alert Harvard’s leadership about the university’s risky strategy in trading in exotic financial instruments. Iris Mack, whom Science Careers profiled in 2004 after she left Harvard, is the subject of a story appe… Read More
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    New Help for Student Borrowers

    The National Consumer Law Center has set up a new site with an extensive collection of answers to questions and tutorials on student loans.  The site, Student Loan Borrower Assistance has two main sections: 1. Get Answers offers a long list of FAQs on the basics of student loans, default, delinquency, bankruptcy, loan cancellation, repayment… Read More