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    Your Handy-Dandy Science Stimulus Guide (Updated)

    Science Debate 2008, the people who encouraged discussion of science issues in the 2008 elections, have prepared a summary chart showing the status of science-related line items in each of the House of Representatives and Senate versions of the economic stimulus package. A House-Senate conference committee is now reconciling the two versions of the… Read More
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    Research Funds Head South In Canada

    Our colleagues at ScienceInsider report Wednesday that Canada’s prime minister Stephen Harper is taking a different tack from U.S. president Barack Obama in funding for science in that country’s economic recovery package. In Harper’s new budget, released Tuesday, funds for the three councils that support research in science, engin… Read More
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    Madoff Scandal Hits Philanthropies and Institutions

    The arrest of financier Bernard Madoff on 11 December on investment fraud charges has sent waves crashing into scientific institutions and philanthropies that invested in Madoff-backed schemes. Madoff contributed widely to and served on boards of various Jewish and Israeli charities and institutions, many of which invested in his hedge fund. Prosec… Read More
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    Israel’s Treasury and University Heads Resume Talks to Avoid Shutdown

    The Israeli daily newspaper Ha’aretz reports today that Israel’s Council of Higher Education–a consortium of the country’s seven public universities–met with Finance Ministry officials for the first time in a week to resolve a funding dispute that threatens the scheduled opening of the schools on Sunday. The institutio… Read More
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    NIH wants your off-the-wall research ideas … really

    Do you have buzzing around in your head the Next Big Thing in biomedical research, some revolutionary and innovative breakthrough?  If so, NIH wants to hear it, by 28 October.   NIH announced last Friday this year’s competition for Exceptional Unconventional Research Enabling Knowledge Acceleration (EUREKA) awards. With EUREKA, NIH… Read More
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    Laura Bush Will Pay for Your Overseas Research Travel — Really

    If you’re a student doing research related to the mission of the U.N. Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and need to travel outside the United States for work related to your research, there’s a new fellowship program that can cover your travel costs. The Laura W. Bush Traveling Fellowship will fund travel by a… Read More
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    Student Loans, Without the Bank

    In these days of tightening credit and Wall Street nervousness about new ways of lending money, introducing an innovative online student loan service seems courageous indeed. But that is what Fynanz, Inc. has recently done. Fynanz takes the social network idea, and combines elements of eBay auctions and microcredit to offer students a new way… Read More
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    New Biomedical Program Funds Early-Career Scientists

    Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) announced today a new $300 milion program to recognize the best biomedical scientists still starting up their careers. Through this Early Career Scientist Program, HHMI aims to support outstanding researchers with 2 to 6 years experience running their own labs. At this stage in their careers, as the program an… Read More
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    Funding News You Can Use

    When GrantsNet began adding new U.S. government science grants last spring, the volume of new funding opportunites on a given month tripled, which meant the monthly Funding News also tripled in size. To make it easier to find the grants you want in each Funding News, we added a search feature for each month’s entries… Read More
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    Yale to Fund More Research and Student Aid

    Yale University announced last week that it plans to dig into its own pockets to expand its support for biomedical research, increase financial aid for students, and make more of its collections available to the public without charge. To fund these initiatives, Yale president Richard C. Levin said the institution will boost the payout from… Read More