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    45 Tech Companies to Double their Engineering Internships

    The President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness announced yesterday at a panel discussion in Portland, Oregon, that it had secured a commitment from 45 companies to double the number of engineering internship opportunities they offer by 2012. The move is part of the council’s effort to train and graduate an additional 10,000 enginee… Read More
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    New Online Service Aims to Connect Interns to Startups

    Students and recent grads hunting for internships often have problems finding internship opportunities, unless they are advertised on campus, broken out separately on job boards, or discussed in Science Careers. At the same time, many entrepreneurial companies can be a good source of experience for interns — but they may not have the recruiti… Read More
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    Many Unpaid Internships On Thin Legal Ice

    In Friday’s New York Times, Steven Greenhouse describes how unpaid internships may get companies offering these opportunities in legal hot water. The story tells about students not only working gratis at some of these jobs when the law says they should be paid, but also doing tasks that could hardly be called an educational experience. Read More
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    Tips for Getting a Great Internship

    On Friday, Tara Weiss in offered some pointers for students on landing a coveted summer internship. Hunting for an internship is a lot like hunting for a permanent job in that it takes both preparation and professionalism. Interns may generally be younger or paid less, but that still means you have to look and… Read More
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    Virtual Internships: Opportunity or Oxymoron?

    Today’s (29 September 2009) Wall Street Journal tells about students doing unpaid internships from the comfort of their own homes. These virtual internships are generally offered by small enterprises for tasks requiring a computer, Internet access, and telephone — all provided by the intern. Virtual internships would not likely work for… Read More
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    Internships for Sale (Updated)

    In Career Journal (the Wall Street Journal’s online careers supplement) last week, Sue Shellenbarger discussed an increasing trend in career-related summer jobs for students, where students or their families pay a fee to participate in the internship experience. The fees go to for-profit companies who place students in established internship… Read More
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    An Entrepreneurial Summer Experience

    Summer internships offer excellent opportunities for students to get hands-on experience and (sometimes) a little money in a real working environment. But Highland Capital Partners is offering something more: a summer internship that can kick-start your new business. Highland Capital Partners (HCP) is a venture capital company based in Massachusett… Read More
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    Science-Engineering Internships Win International Best-Practices Award

    The Institute of International Education (IIE) announced yesterday the 2008 winners of its Best Practices in International Education awards, and the first prize went to an internship program in Japan for science and engineering students. The NanoJapan initiative that won the top rating provides undergraduate summer internships in nanotechnology at… Read More
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    Internships Pay, and Pay Again

    A survey of employer members of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) suggests that students who do internships often get job offers from those organizations after graduation. NACE announced the results of the survey last week. The 233 employers said they offered full-time jobs to nearly two-thirds of their interns, with nearly… Read More