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    An Interview with Albert Einstein on Science Careers

    Introduction Albert Einstein (1879-1955) is widely regarded as the father of modern physics. For those of us old enough to have seen him in person, listen to him speak in public or on the radio, and read his writings when they were current, these memories are precious. In addition to being a great theoretical physicist he… Read More
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    Interview: Linda Bartoshuk

    Even if you haven’t heard of Linda Bartoshuk, you probably have heard of her research. Now a professor at the University of Florida, Gainsville, Bartoshuk coined the term “supertasters” to describe the 25 percent of the population who have an unusually high number of taste buds,  affecting how food tastes. She has spent nearl… Read More
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    Job Hunting in Campaign Mode

    To get your job search organized and energized, sometimes you need to take a step back and view it from a different perspective. On the Career Hub blog this week, résumé coach Louise Fletcher suggests that job hunters think about the task as a campaign, such as a political or marketing campaign. According to Fletcher… Read More
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    Tips for the Interview Thank-You Letter

    A common tip offered to job interviewees is to send a thank-you letter to the hiring manager soon after the interview session. Catherine Jones in the Job Search Secrets blog now tells why the thank-you letter is a good idea and offers suggestions on what should go in it. Jones says the thank-you letter will… Read More