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    Dealing with Different Interviewer Types

    In an EmploymentDigest blog post from yesterday, Bill Vick advises job hunters who land an interview to assess the style of the interviewer and be prepared to react accordingly as the session progresses. Vick, a recruiter, entrepreneur, and consultant, parses interviewers into five types and says that recognizing an interviewer’s type early i… Read More
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    Employers Considering Applicants’ Online Reputation

    If you’re interviewing for jobs, the folks doing the hiring will probably do a Google search on your name — at a minimum. This isn’t news; we’ve certainly written about it before. But it may be surprising to learn that, according to a recent survey of 1100 hiring managers, 70% of U.S. companies say they… Read More
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    Job Hunting in Campaign Mode

    To get your job search organized and energized, sometimes you need to take a step back and view it from a different perspective. On the Career Hub blog this week, résumé coach Louise Fletcher suggests that job hunters think about the task as a campaign, such as a political or marketing campaign. According to Fletcher… Read More
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    Online Resource for Entry-Level Jobs

    For recent college graduates, finding a job at any time is difficult, since they often lack experience outside the classroom — a situation made worse by the current tough job market. The trick for recent grads is to find entry-level jobs, which can lead off professional careers but normally require little more than a solid… Read More
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    Bending the Job Hunt Rules

    When you’re job hunting, particularly if you’re out of work, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the competition, with often hundreds or thousands of applicants vying for the same limited number of jobs. As Dave Jensen pointed out in a 2006 column for Science Careers, sometimes you need to bend the rules a bit… Read More
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    Using Layoff News to Find Job Openings

    It seems a bit nonsensical, but sometimes a good place to look for a job is with a company that just announced layoffs. That’s the advice from Aleksandra Todorova this week in SmartMoney. Todorova found a number of companies, including employers of scientists and engineers such as Bristol-Myers Squibb and Sun Microsystems, that had many… Read More
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    Make Employers Fight Over You

    Alexandra Levit’s careers column last week in the Wall Street Journal tells about a 26 year-old job hunter in the commercial real estate field — hardly a growth industry these days — who got multiple job offers from employer prospects. This job seeker did nothing magical; he applied some of the lessons spelled out by… Read More
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    Networking Tips for Job Hunters

    At the group blog Career Hub, Sital Ruparelia offers a list of 21 networking tips for job seekers. Networking seems simple and natural enough, but there’s a skill to it, and Ruparelia’s tips may help even experienced networkers. Networking is something that you need pursue systematically and professionally. While you need to be yourself… Read More
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    ID Thieves Targeting Job Seekers

    As If job hunting in a recession wasn’t tough enough. Information Week reports that identity thieves are now posting fake employment ads to steal vital data from job hunters. Fake job ads, apparently, have more than quadrupled in the past three years, many aspiring to identity theft, or so says the Association for Payment Clearing… Read More