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  • Elisabeth Pain ,

    Should we produce more Ph.D. students?

    Monica J. Harris, a social psychologist at the University of Kentucky in Lexington, made a compelling case in yesterday’s issue of Inside Higher Ed that the number of Ph.D. students should be reduced.  Harris, who has been the committee chair or co-chair for 13 Ph.D. students in her 23 years of professorship, has become increasingly… Read More
  • Conference Board Analysis , , ,

    In July, Healthy Gains in Online Job Ads

    In July, the number of job ads posted online, overall and in science-related categories, showed healthy growth after 2 flat months. But in June — the last month for which detailed unemployment data is available — flat job-ad gains and a substantial increase in the number of unemployed job-seekers result in a mixed picture of… Read More
  • Conference Board Analysis , ,

  • Americas ,

    Could It Really Be Over — Finally?

    I’ve been lucky enough to stay employed throughout this long, deep recession. But when I read the bulk email this morning from the Commissioner of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and learned that the economy had added 162,000 jobs in March — and, in a correction, 14,000 each in January and February — I got… Read More
  • Americas , , ,

    Even Tenure No Protection in This Tough Economy

    We’ve written about what a lousy job market we’re in for early-career scientists — see Tenure-Track Jobs Remain Scarce for the latest account. But there are scarier examples out there of how lousy the times are for academic scientists. An example: Florida State University (FSU) has laid off 25 tenured faculty members as the depart… Read More
  • Academic Careers , ,

    The High Energy Theory Job Market, Analyzed

    The excellent physics-and-math blog Not Even Wrong, published by Columbia mathematician Peter Woit (who has a book with the same name as the blog), has an interesting post about an analysis of the job market in high-energy theoretical physics. The post describes data compiled by Erich Poppitz, a theoretical physicist at the University of Toronto. Read More
  • Alan Kotok ,

    Job Ads for Scientists and Engineers Jump in December

    The number of online employment ads for scientists, engineers, and related occupations all increased in December. The numbers of unemployed job-hunters in these occupations also increased, keeping the ratios — and, hence, the ease or difficulty of finding a job — about the same as before. The Conference Board, a private business and eco… Read More
  • Alan Kotok , ,

    Online Ads Increase for Science Jobs in August

    One job market indicator we follow on Science Careers is the number of online job ads, which is tracked monthly by the Conference Board, a private business and economic research institute. In August, the number of online advertisements for scientists posted healthy gains over July, although the number of employment ads for engineers remained flat. Read More
  • Editor's Blog ,

    Science and Career Uncertainty

    An interesting, if not novel, post on Michael White’s Adaptive Complexity blog: The bottom line is this: a career in academic science, especially biology, demands a lot of you in terms of training, skill, time, and dedication, and the rewards are uncertain and in any case a long way off. Obviously doing science is great… Read More