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    Employers: Mind Your Attitude (A Rant)

    Recently, I applied for a job online. No, I’m not looking for a change. I was following up on a tip from an online acquaintance who had described her own experience applying to this organization. The process of applying, she wrote to me in an e-mail, squelched any enthusiasm she might have had about working… Read More
  • Beryl Lieff Benderly

    Nice work if you can get it

    Today’s announcement of the Nobel Prize in economics may have a particular resonance for the many young scientists trying to move to the next step in their careers.  Peter Diamond of MIT, Dale Mortensen of Northwestern, and Christopher Pissarides of London School of Economics shared the honor for models that mathematically explicate some… Read More
  • Elisabeth Pain , ,

    Life-long career development

    You may feel that, once you’ve got tenure and set up your lab and life in a place you like, your scientific career will go on forever. But while it’s quite common for professors in the United States to remain active and productive researchers in older age, national laws and cultural traditions make it much… Read More
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    How Tenure-Track Applications Are Screened

    The Prodigal Academic has posted an excellent and detailed post on how the process of screening of applicants for tenure-track jobs works in the searches she (he?) is involved in. Prodigal Prof — who self-identifies as an assistant professor on a science faculty — describes how a pool of 210 applicants is reduced to 140… Read More
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    Employers Considering Applicants’ Online Reputation

    If you’re interviewing for jobs, the folks doing the hiring will probably do a Google search on your name — at a minimum. This isn’t news; we’ve certainly written about it before. But it may be surprising to learn that, according to a recent survey of 1100 hiring managers, 70% of U.S. companies say they… Read More
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    Job Hunting During the Holidays

    With the end of the year coming up, many people are taking time off, school terms are ending, and it may seem like a good time to put the job hunt on hold for a while. Eve Tahmincioglu, careers columnist at MSNBC,  thinks this is the right time to ramp up some aspects of your… Read More
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    Job Reference Myths

    Here’s a really important topic that I don’t know much about–so I found this article on, with information provided by Heidi Allison, Managing Director at Allison and Taylor, a prominent reference-checking firm, so helpful. The article provides a useful perspective on the important issue of reference checking when you… Read More
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    Job Postings on Twitter

    The blog Career Hub this week highlights a few new services posting job announcements using the mini-blogging service Twitter as a platform. TwitHire is a simple listing of job announcements in reverse chronological order, with links to the announcements online. It has separate tabs for design and computer programming jobs. The listings give the jo… Read More