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    45 Tech Companies to Double their Engineering Internships

    The President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness announced yesterday at a panel discussion in Portland, Oregon, that it had secured a commitment from 45 companies to double the number of engineering internship opportunities they offer by 2012. The move is part of the council’s effort to train and graduate an additional 10,000 enginee… Read More
  • Beryl Lieff Benderly

    Snow Job

    Actually, no job may be more like it — or so it must seem to many would-be faculty members who had job interviews scheduled at the annual meeting of the American Philosophical Society’s Eastern division.  This gathering, which serves as the discipline’s main annual employment market, began Monday in snow-crippled Boston. &nbs… Read More
  • Beryl Lieff Benderly

    Not what he had bargained for

    It’s often said that people with IT degrees can really clean up in the job market, but few do so quite as literally as Sam Fanning.  Earning his bachelors last year in network and IT administration from Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, yesterday’s Chronicle of Higher Education reports, Fanning unsuccessfully sought work is… Read More
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    U.S. Government Jobs Site Revamped

    On Monday, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) — Uncle Sam’s human resources department — unveiled a new Web site and slicker search engine for jobs in the federal government.  The site, called USAJOBS, gives visitors a simple search window to start but more powerful tools just beneath the surface. The USAJOBS home… Read More
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    More Alternatives for the Scientifically Trained?

    All job forecasts have their limitations, especially in a climate of economic crisis, but the conclusions of a new European Commission report struck me as possibly good news for scientists in search of alternatives to pure academic careers.   With the recent launch of its ‘New Skills for New Jobs’ strategy, the Europ… Read More