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    Even Tenure No Protection in This Tough Economy

    We’ve written about what a lousy job market we’re in for early-career scientists — see Tenure-Track Jobs Remain Scarce for the latest account. But there are scarier examples out there of how lousy the times are for academic scientists. An example: Florida State University (FSU) has laid off 25 tenured faculty members as the depart… Read More
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    Using Layoff News to Find Job Openings

    It seems a bit nonsensical, but sometimes a good place to look for a job is with a company that just announced layoffs. That’s the advice from Aleksandra Todorova this week in SmartMoney. Todorova found a number of companies, including employers of scientists and engineers such as Bristol-Myers Squibb and Sun Microsystems, that had many… Read More
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    Doing More with Less

    One of the few apparent bright spots in recent economic reports is in the area of worker productivity. According to the U.S. labor department, productivity increased by 6.6%, year over year, during the last quarter, which ended in June, the largest increase in worker productivity since 2003. That reflects an upward revision over original estimates. Read More
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    Practicing What They Preach

    On 16 March C&E News ran Who’s Next?, an excellent article on getting laid off that included interviews with several recently laid-off scientists. Their conclusion: Times are tough. Josh Albert, managing partner of Klein Hersh International, an executive search firm, says that while the top laid-off pharma employees will get jobs quickly… Read More