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    Congress Passes Student Loan Bill; Funds Reduced for Community Colleges

    Consistent with the plan we mentioned 2 weeks ago on the Science Careers blog, the House of Representatives lumped much of their student-loan bill into the package of fixes to the health care reform bill. Yesterday, both the Senate and the House passed this package, which now goes to President Obama for his signature. But… Read More
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    Comparative Effectiveness Research Boosted in Health Care Bill

    The hotly debated Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that passed the Senate in December and House of Representatives last night establishes a new center for comparative effectiveness research in health care costs and quality, a topic discussed earlier this month in a Science Careers article. Section 6301 of the bill establishes an independe… Read More
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    Bill Introduced to Create Science Envoy Corps [Updated]

    Senator Richard Lugar of Indiana, the ranking minority member on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, introduced a bill yesterday that would create a Science Envoy program in the U.S. State Department. If the bill comes law, Science Envoys would be established scientists who receive grants for short-term visits abroad to help build links between… Read More
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    Senate Passes Wage Discrimination Bill (Updated)

    Late last week the Senate passed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009, which extends the length of time after a wage-discrimination offense that a suit can be filed. The vote was a filibuster-proof 61-36. The bill is named for Lilly Ledbetter, who worked for the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company in Gadsden, Alabama. Read More
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    Senate Passes G.I. Bill

    The Senate last night passed by a 92-6 vote the Iraq/Afghanistan supplemental spending bill that includes the G.I. Bill legislation described in an article earlier this month on Science Careers. Last Friday, the House passed the supplemental funding bill, also with the G.I. Bill legislation, by a similarly large margin. According to the Washington… Read More
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    House, Bush Agree on New G.I. Bill

    Reports from Capitol Hill today tell of a deal between the House of Representatives and the White House on a new G.I. Bill, the subject of story in Science Careers earlier this month. Both the House and the Senate attached the G.I. Bill legislation to an Iraq/Afghanistan supplemental funding measure. The new G.I. Bill aims… Read More