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    U.S. House Passes Student Loan Reform Bill

    The House of Representatives approved today by a 235-171 vote the Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act (H.R. 3221), which plans to change the way many students pay for their college educations. The most dramatic change is to end the banks’ role in making student loans. Columnist Gail Collins in today’s New York Times sums… Read More
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    Dealing with Financial Adversity: A Geneticist’s Story

    We’ve learned plenty in the past few weeks about economic conditions, government policies, and bank mergers, but we don’t often hear how ordinary people working in the sciences are coping with hard financial times. You can find one of those stories at "I’ve Paid For This Twice Already …" , a blog by a Ph.D. Read More
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    Student Loans, Without the Bank

    In these days of tightening credit and Wall Street nervousness about new ways of lending money, introducing an innovative online student loan service seems courageous indeed. But that is what Fynanz, Inc. has recently done. Fynanz takes the social network idea, and combines elements of eBay auctions and microcredit to offer students a new way… Read More
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    New Help for Student Borrowers

    The National Consumer Law Center has set up a new site with an extensive collection of answers to questions and tutorials on student loans.  The site, Student Loan Borrower Assistance has two main sections: 1. Get Answers offers a long list of FAQs on the basics of student loans, default, delinquency, bankruptcy, loan cancellation, repayment… Read More
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    House Committee Passes College Cost Reduction Act

    A committee of the U.S. House of Representatives approved yesterday the College Cost Reduction Act of 2007, which promises to reduce the cost of government student loans and increase the number and size of Pell grants. Provisions of the bill call for cutting student-loan interest rates by half over the next 5 years, increasing federal… Read More