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    New Training Demands in a Changing European Landscape

    Over the next one or two decades, research infrastructure in Europe could begin to look very different. For the coming generation of scientists, that means new challenges and opportunities on the horizon. As the Sixth European Conference on Research Infrastructures (ECRI2010), which took place in Barcelona earlier this week, once more demonstrated… Read More
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    Have Your Say: Young Scientists and Mobility

    The European Commission has launched a public consultation on mobility opportunities in Europe following the release of its Green Paper, ‘Promoting the Learning Abilities of Young People.’ The Green Paper focuses on all young people, not just scientists, but it can be an informative read for European scientists consi… Read More
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    Webinars Explain Details of Gilman Scholarships

    The Institute of International Education (IIE) now offers a series of webinars on the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship program, which encourages U.S. undergraduate students to study abroad. Gilman Scholarships aim to diversify the composition of typical study-abroad cohorts by giving preference to the atypical students, including those… Read More
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    Article update: pan-European pensions

    The European Commission has launched a feasibility study of pan-European pension funds for researchers, according to a statement (if a blog entry is considered a statement) from Janez Potočnik, European commissioner for research. The idea is to make it easier for researchers to contribute to, and ultimately collect, a pension fund no matter what c… Read More
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    Update on U.S. Passports

    In mid-May, we reported on the increasing delays Americans face in getting new passports and renewing expiring passports. I offered my own renewal as a test case. Our mail at home yesterday included a Priority Mail envelope containing my new passport. From the time I mailed in the renewal on 24 April to delivery on… Read More
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    Get ’em to Stay

    In a characteristically smart post, Noted video-game hacker Andrew "bunnie" Huang (who spells his nickname with a small ‘b’) recounts a conversation with University of California, San Diego, engineering professor Jim Buckwalter about UCSD’s grad-school applications. "Of the thousands of applicants, only 80 were from… Read More