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    Nat’l Academies Hope to Build a Better Postdoc

    Last week, the National Academies announced the creation of a new committee that will explore the state of the modern postdoctoral experience for scientists and engineers. By identifying the current number of postdocs, number of tenure-track positions available, tenure success rates, and the working conditions, salary, and benefits for po… Read More
  • Beryl Lieff Benderly

    It pays to advertise

    So, you think you’ve done everything you possibly can to land a secure academic research post?  Well, how about making a stunning, paradigm-changing discovery, becoming an instant, worldwide scientific celebrity, and naming the thing you discovered “Give [Me] A Job”?  That, writes Paul Davies of Arizona State University… Read More
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    Dual Career Couples at ESOF

    As I was queuing for lunch at the EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF) in Turin, Italy, earlier this week, I started talking to a young scientist from FarAwayCountry A. She was writing her Ph.D. thesis and looking for a postdoc in Europe, seeing a research experience abroad as a key step in her career. But she… Read More
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    Congressional Hearing Scheduled on U Cal Postdoc Union Negotiation

    PRO/UAW, the union representing postdocs on the University on California’s ten campuses, won official recognition in August 2008.  Nearly 2 years later, the two sides in the postdocs’ contract negotiation remain stuck, despite regular meetings that have produced agreement on a number of issues. Now, in a very unusual step, the Comm… Read More
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    Slow Demand Again for H-1B Visas (Updated)

    U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) last week released a report showing demand for H-1B skilled temporary worker visas is well below the levels experienced in recent years. H-1B visas enable American employers to hire foreign workers in jobs that require advanced scientific or technical skills, such as engineers, scientists, and compu… Read More
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    U Mass Postdocs Vote to Unionize

    A press release from Robert Madore, the Director of Region 9A of the United Auto Workers says that postdocs at 3 University of Massachusetts campuses have voted to unionize. According to the press release, a majority of the 300 postdocs at the Dartmouth, Amherst, and Boston campuses of the University of Massachusetts “have signed cards… Read More
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    Comments on Micella Phoenix DeWhyse’s “Tainted Love”

    Our favorite Educated Woman, Micella Phoenix DeWhyse, in her last column on 3 August, talked about her need for external rewards, what she calls "gold stars", from advisers or supervisors. Here are two responses to Micella’s column that we got via our Facebook page, hosted by José Fernández … Valita Jones: I am all about… Read More
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    HHMI Creates 16 More Postdoc Positions

    Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) announced earlier this week that it will collaborate with four other foundations to establish 16 more postdoc positions at its Janelia Farms Research Campus in Virginia. The four partner foundations are the Jane Coffin Childs Memorial Fund, the Helen Hay Whitney Foundation, the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Fou… Read More