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    Doing More with Less

    One of the few apparent bright spots in recent economic reports is in the area of worker productivity. According to the U.S. labor department, productivity increased by 6.6%, year over year, during the last quarter, which ended in June, the largest increase in worker productivity since 2003. That reflects an upward revision over original estimates. Read More
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    Research Careers and the Recession

    All this week, Vitae will be publishing new articles daily on research careers and the recession. The first article, written by career adviser Fiona Christie from the University of Salford, has some good general tips: know your sector; know the status of research funding in your country and at your institution; use the careers service… Read More
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    How Foundations Cope with the Economic Crisis

    Earlier this month, we commented on an article that describes how private foundations serve as a source of funds for research, particularly family foundations that focus on specific diseases. Last week, a study released by the Foundation Center tells how private foundations are able to keep going during these tough times. The Foundation Center surv… Read More
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    Getting a Raise in a Recession, Really

    Earlier this week, Dana Mattioli offered some hints in the Wall Street Journal’s online careers section on getting a pay raise in these tough times. It’s more difficult, says Mattioli, but not impossble. Mattioli’s advice is written mainly for employees of private companies, but her words apply to faculty and staff at universities… Read More