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  • Alan Kotok

    Prepping Your References

    At this week, Susan Adams provides tips on how to get your references to provide glowing accounts of your performance. As we pointed out last October, more employers today use the reference-checking process to learn all they can about potential hires, so you should not leave references to chance. The first rule, Adams says… Read More
  • Americas

    Reference Checks Going Deep

    Employers are starting to take reference checks more seriously, often triggering exhaustive investigations of applicants’ backgrounds and character, according to Eve Tahmincioglu, MSNBC’s careers columnist. She likens the process now to guerrilla warfare, where conventional tactics no longer suffice. “Three years ago, if you had a… Read More
  • Editor's Blog ,

    Job Reference Myths

    Here’s a really important topic that I don’t know much about–so I found this article on, with information provided by Heidi Allison, Managing Director at Allison and Taylor, a prominent reference-checking firm, so helpful. The article provides a useful perspective on the important issue of reference checking when you… Read More
  • The Perfect Reference

    Last week Marci Alboher, the New York Times Shifting Careers blogger, listed the qualities she considers essential for an employment reference. Alboher says the perfect people to provide references should … Think highly of you, and you’re certain of that fact Understand the context in which the reference is given, i.e., the environment… Read More