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  • Alan Kotok

    More Action Words for Your Résumé

    In his February 2008 Tooling Up column, Dave Jensen offers tips for adding muscle to your marketing materials, particularly your résumé and cover letter. One of those tips is to describe your accomplishments and contributions with “action words” — terms that convey action and results. Action words may help your materials stand o… Read More
  • Alan Kotok ,

    Résumé Lessons from Real Estate Agents

    Louise Fletcher, résumé coach and career blogger, suggested last week adopting techniques from real estate sales to make your résumé stand out from its hundreds or thousands of competitors. Before you turn up your nose at the idea of scientists using such tactics, read Dave Jensen’s Science Careers column from last October, “Focus Y… Read More
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    Job Hunting in Campaign Mode

    To get your job search organized and energized, sometimes you need to take a step back and view it from a different perspective. On the Career Hub blog this week, résumé coach Louise Fletcher suggests that job hunters think about the task as a campaign, such as a political or marketing campaign. According to Fletcher… Read More
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  • Alan Kotok ,

    The Lengths a Résumé Should Go

    At the WorkBloom blog this week, résumé coach Jessica Holbrook discusses the optimum length of a résumé, and the advice she gives can be summed up as “it depends.” Holbrook says that one size won’t fit all job-hunters, but finding the right size depends (that word again) on the amount and type of experience the… Read More
  • Alan Kotok , ,

    Defining Your Unique Talents

    Career coach Sital Ruparelia had a post last month on his blog about defining your unique talents. Ruparlia defines unique talents as your natural abilities plus your unique way of expressing those abilities. By identifying these unique talents, Ruparelia says, you can start defining what makes you different and better from other job hunters, which… Read More
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    Explaining Multiple Jobs in One Year on Your Resume

    Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal’s careers section posted a reader’s question that more and more scientists and engineers are likely to face in a weak economy: How do you explain short job tenures on your resume without looking like a job-hopping flake? Having two or more jobs listed in one year on a… Read More
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    Fixing Your Life in 2009: Career Edition

    In an article titled “How to Fix Your Life in 2009,” Wednesday’s Wall Street Journal offers a list of helpful hints for 2009 covering personal finance, retirement planning, health care costs, and a few career issues. The piece has contributions from several of the Journal’s writers and focuses on particularly troublesome iss… Read More
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    Social Media Résumé: A Link Too Far?

    Christopher Penn, chief technology officer of the Student Loan Network and founder of the Financial Aid Podcast, has created what he calls a social media résumé that applies a panoply of Web 2.0 technologies to the challenge of telling the world about himself and his accomplishments. Penn assembled the site using Google Page Creator, a… Read More
  • Americas

    Resumes That Tell a Story

    Sometimes the career advice columns on Science Careers offer tips for writing resumes, many of which urge resume writers to recognize that they are preparing marketing materials about themselves. A resume service company blog last month offers an approach to marketing yourself that can help make a resume stand out from the crowd. A Blue… Read More