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  • Elisabeth Pain , ,

    Life-long career development

    You may feel that, once you’ve got tenure and set up your lab and life in a place you like, your scientific career will go on forever. But while it’s quite common for professors in the United States to remain active and productive researchers in older age, national laws and cultural traditions make it much… Read More
  • Alan Kotok , ,

    More Americans Delaying Retirement

    The retirement of older workers opens up jobs for new workers entering the labor force. But according to a new survey by the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI), many older Americans plan to continue working beyond the retirement age. This year, fully one-third (33%) of American workers expect to retire after age 65, up from… Read More
  • Academic Careers , , , , ,

    Faculty Salaries Flat as Institutions Tighten Belts

    The American Association of University Professors (AAUP) today released its annual faculty compensation report for 2009-10, and it had little good news for American academics or those hoping to join their ranks. AAUP’s findings show the recession is cutting deep into campus finances at both public or private institutions, from community colle… Read More
  • Americas , ,

    Delayed Retirement: Good News, Bad News, and New News

    The Wall Street Journal today tells that more workers are delaying their retirement plans, largely due to last year’s financial meltdown, which wiped out their nest eggs.  The Journal says many companies aren’t complaining about having experienced workers staying longer on the job. Yet this presents an obstacle to the advancement o… Read More
  • Americas , , ,

    Help with Employee Financial Decisions in Your First Job

    One of the truly exasperating experiences one faces when starting a new job — especially your first job — is making all of those decisions about taxes, benefits, and retirement, often accompanied by a flurry of forms and very little time to think things through. The New York Times business section this past weekend offered… Read More