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    Handling the Salary History Question

    Anyone who has been on the job market for any length of time knows the anguish experienced when a potential employer asks for a salary history as well as a C.V.  Author and career blogger Eve Tahmincioglu offers advice for dealing with this vexing requirement, and while there’s no easy answer, there are ways of… Read More
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    Three Quarters of Private Colleges Plan to Freeze or Reduce Salaries

    A survey report released in June by Yaffe and Company, Inc., reveals that fully 2/3 of private colleges and universities have plans to freeze or reduce compensation: 67% of institutions intend to freeze salaries and 9% intend to reduce them, the survey found, while 24% intend to increase salary. 80% of the institutions that say… Read More
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    Salary Negotiations, Recession-Style

    Alexandra Levit, the Wall Street Journal’s careers columnist, offers advice this week on salary negotiation, geared to tough times. Levit stresses the importance of getting the best possible salary deal upon hiring. In this economy, she observes, “raises are small and promotions are often slow in coming…” But, in this econom… Read More
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    Getting a Raise in a Recession, Really

    Earlier this week, Dana Mattioli offered some hints in the Wall Street Journal’s online careers section on getting a pay raise in these tough times. It’s more difficult, says Mattioli, but not impossble. Mattioli’s advice is written mainly for employees of private companies, but her words apply to faculty and staff at universities… Read More
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    How NOT to Get a Raise

    Laura Rowley, who writes the Money and Happiness column in Yahoo Finance, devotes a recent column to getting a raise in a soft economy. With tough economic times upon us, we’re all finding it a little tougher to make ends meet, even in knowledge-based fields such as science and technology. Rowley’s article is titled, "Seven… Read More
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    Secretary of Labor to Young American Workers: You Suck

    In the 1 July issue of Parade, a magazine inserted into the Sunday editions of many newspapers in the United States, Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao says that the bad attitude of American workers, particularly younger workers, contributes to the threat of outsourcing overseas. In a section in Parade’s "Intelligence Report" called &qu… Read More