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    Employers Considering Applicants’ Online Reputation

    If you’re interviewing for jobs, the folks doing the hiring will probably do a Google search on your name — at a minimum. This isn’t news; we’ve certainly written about it before. But it may be surprising to learn that, according to a recent survey of 1100 hiring managers, 70% of U.S. companies say they… Read More
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    Clicks and Mix Networking Strategy

    Recent Science Careers articles have talked about using social networks like LinkedIn as part of an overall networking strategy — the ones by Dave Jensen and Peter Fiske, for example.  The goal of networking, of course, in person or online, is to build your collection of contacts and get your name and qualifications in front… Read More
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    Fixing Your Life in 2009: Career Edition

    In an article titled “How to Fix Your Life in 2009,” Wednesday’s Wall Street Journal offers a list of helpful hints for 2009 covering personal finance, retirement planning, health care costs, and a few career issues. The piece has contributions from several of the Journal’s writers and focuses on particularly troublesome iss… Read More
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    How NOT to Get a Raise

    Laura Rowley, who writes the Money and Happiness column in Yahoo Finance, devotes a recent column to getting a raise in a soft economy. With tough economic times upon us, we’re all finding it a little tougher to make ends meet, even in knowledge-based fields such as science and technology. Rowley’s article is titled, "Seven… Read More
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    Social Media Résumé: A Link Too Far?

    Christopher Penn, chief technology officer of the Student Loan Network and founder of the Financial Aid Podcast, has created what he calls a social media résumé that applies a panoply of Web 2.0 technologies to the challenge of telling the world about himself and his accomplishments. Penn assembled the site using Google Page Creator, a… Read More