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  • Michael Price , ,

    Phil Mickelson Weighs in on STEM Training

    On CNN this morning, golfer Phil Mickelson swung by the set of the morning news program Starting Point to talk about the supposed need to train more American students in STEM skills. The points he raised were typical: that STEM workers earn more and are hired more frequently than non-STEM peers, and that there are… Read More
  • Alan Kotok , ,

    Raytheon Plans to Hire 4,500 Engineers This Year

    Raytheon Corporation, a defense and security contractor with $25 billion in sales in 2009, is looking for engineers — a lot of them. William Swanson, Raytheon’s CEO, told the Boston Chamber of Commerce this week that the company plans to hire 4,500 engineers this year, and it’s having a tough time finding them. Why? Swanson… Read More
  • Americas , , ,

    Women Scientists and Engineers Sound Off about Their Careers

    The blog Scientiae, maintained by a group blog of women in the STEM professions, devoted its May monthly carnival — a collection of contributions from each blogger — to sharing experiences on the development of their careers. The comments, collected by blogger FlickaMawa, cover issues such as pressure to publish, balancing family and wo… Read More
  • Americas ,

    Science Adrift, with the Numbers to Prove It

    The Commission on Professionals in Science and Technology (CPST), issued the eighth report (PDF, registration required) in its Workforce Data Project today describing a tepid environment for science and technology careers. The report asks and answers the question, "Is U.S. science adrift?" with a resounding "Of course it is." An… Read More