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  • Elisabeth Pain , , , ,

    Faculty burnout, and collaboration versus competition

    Tenure-track faculty are more at risk of suffering burnout from their teaching duties than their tenured and non-tenure track counterparts, according to a study presented yesterday at the American Association of University Professors annual conference in Washington. Articles on the study appear in today’s Inside Higher Ed and yesterday&# Read More
  • Alan Kotok ,

    Science Careers Interviewee Explodes on Philadelphia TV

    In March 2006, Science Careers interviewed Ken Fink as part of a feature on teaching science as a career. Fink, who started a company that offers science education outside the classroom, seemed to having a blast at this kind of work when we first talked to him. An extended news segment on Philadelphia’s NBC affiliate… Read More
  • Elisabeth Pain ,

    Giving Students a Greater Play in the Classroom

    The Chronicle of Higher Education recently published the story of how an undergraduate English teacher struck by a disability developed interactive ways to teach her students. Elaine Smokewood, a 54-year-old English professor at Oklahoma City University in the United States, was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease when she star… Read More
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    Retired Profs to Plug Teaching Vacancies from Budget Cuts?

    The Raleigh News and Observer (N&O) today has a story about retired professors in North Carolina’s “Triangle”–Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill–offering their services to the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill as a way for the school to make up for budget cuts that threatened to eliminate classes on that campus. The… Read More