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    U.S. Employment in August is Flat

    The August employment numbers from the Bureau of Labor statistics (BLS) are in. The result: Pretty much No Change from one month earlier. Though it could be worse, that’s not good news. The U.S. economy lost 54,000 jobs from July to August 2010, including the loss of 114,000 temporary census jobs. Overall, governments shed 121,000… Read More
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    In July, Healthy Gains in Online Job Ads

    In July, the number of job ads posted online, overall and in science-related categories, showed healthy growth after 2 flat months. But in June — the last month for which detailed unemployment data is available — flat job-ad gains and a substantial increase in the number of unemployed job-seekers result in a mixed picture of… Read More
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    Science-Engineering Job Market Improves in March and April

    Job seekers in scientific and engineering fields found the market for their skills improving over the past 2 months, according to data released today by The Conference Board. Not only did the number of online job ads in April increase for these occupations, but in March the number of unemployed job-seekers in most of these… Read More
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    Could It Really Be Over — Finally?

    I’ve been lucky enough to stay employed throughout this long, deep recession. But when I read the bulk email this morning from the Commissioner of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and learned that the economy had added 162,000 jobs in March — and, in a correction, 14,000 each in January and February — I got… Read More
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    Are Job Fairs Worth Your Time?

    Eve Tahmincioglu, MSNBC’s career columnist, has a decidedly downbeat story today about job fairs. She reports that many professional and technical attendees at these events find themselves waiting in long lines only to discover that few employers are really hiring. Just the words “job fair” or “career fair” suggest an… Read More